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Museum of the American Revolution or American Revolution Museum? The answer is, both!

It has been ages since I visited Philadelphia. The last time I was there, the Museum of the American Revolution did not exist yet, but I finally had a chance to check it out!

Admittedly, I was a little skeptical. I've seen the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown; how different could the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia be? However, the answer is just different enough! The building is massive and impressive, with the museum primarily on the second level. While both museums cover the entirety of the war, each focus on different aspects and provides very different experiences. The pride and joy at the Museum of the American Revolution is George Washington's tent, and rightly so. The tent is permanently set up behind glass and is revealed after a video is played. No photos are permitted, but the video sets the tone for your visit to the museum. If possible, watch the video and see Washington's tent before entering the exhibits--I felt it enhanced my experience.

The museums in Philadelphia and Yorktown both use a variety of multimedia to tell the story of the American Revolution. With large incredible displays, interactive exhibits, video, and audio, there is a way to learn no matter your learning style. The Museum of the American Revolution also has a very neat ship that one can walk into. In contrast, the museum in Yorktown has an encampment set up outside the museum with living historians.

Let's face it, though; both museums have the help of their location. The Museum of the American Revolution is perfectly nestled among Historic Philadelphia. Short walk to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and more. Of course, the museum in Yorktown sits near, well...the Yorktown Battlefield.

Just because you have seen one museum on the American Revolution, the short of it, does not mean the story is told! Both The Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia and the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown are must-sees when visiting those areas. Unfortunately, I left both feeling I did not take them all in, which means I must go back.

Tips for visiting the Museum of the American Revolution:

  • Buy your tickets in advance online at:

  • While the tickets are timed, you can show up a bit early or a little late and can still enter. This is a self-guided tour, at your own pace.

  • There is a cafe, I did not try it out, but you can enjoy a little mental break and fill up your tummy at the same time

  • The Museum of the American Revolution has a large gift shop with a large variety of items. Be sure you leave time to check it out

  • If you are in Philadelphia over multiple days, spread out your sightseeing to truly enjoy the Museum of the American Revolution. If you have one day, then I recommend visiting the museum first


During my weekend in the Philadelphia area, I had the opportunity to visit the Liberty & Co store in Quakertown, PA. Great little store that features products around the American Revolution; you can also shop online:

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