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Tanks For The Memories...

My visit to the American Heritage Museum

Have I told you lately that I love... the American Heritage Museum? It fills my heart with gladness...

Ok, I will stop with the bad Rod Stewart puns, but seriously--this museum is one of my favorites. Located in Hudson, Ma the American Heritage Museum is filled with an incredible collection of tanks, ground equipment, airplanes, and more! I originally visited during a preview weekend, in 2018, and was immediately blown away.

The museum is not just equipment, they have done an amazing job providing the context of the pieces, when they would have been used, and multimedia. The multimedia pieces are well done, but more importantly provide perspective.

Museum Flow

Museum flow is a vital piece to the experience, the American Heritage Museum has taken that into account allowing the stage to be set, but providing the flexibility to focus on what you want. Here is their flow:

  • After purchasing tickets, you will have time to visit the gift shop while you wait for the show to start (this is pretty quick). One note, if you have been there before, you are able to skip the show--but I don't know why you would want to.

  • Once it it showtime, you will be welcomed to enter their little theater which provides a brief overview of the museum and it's mission.

  • From there you will be guided to another experience, which is INCREDIBLE. The museum sets the stage of tank warfare. You are able to walk down into the "trenches" of WWI. This experience hits most of your senses: audio, sight, touch. I won't give it away, but I promise you will love it. One important note, if you are sensitive to sounds or flashing lights--ask the museum for guidance to determine if that show is right for you.

  • After experiencing WWI, you will then move into another room that sets the stage for WWII.

  • After these brief crash courses in history, you are free to walk about the cabin... I mean, museum. At this point the museum is self-guided.


What do I mean by self-guided? You are free to walk around and tour the museum in any order for as long as you like, but don't be surprised if you run into one of the many knowledgeable volunteers. If you don't find them, they will find you. Most are veterans and all familiar with what is on displays.

  • Have a kid that is bored? These volunteers can provide some fun for them in a variety of ways.

  • Always available to answer questions, but be prepared for pop-quizzes!

The museum floor also has additional multimedia that plays at set times. The beauty of them is you can see/hear them from wherever you are so you don't have to worry about missing something.

I know what you're thinking, History Dame, how can this museum get any cooler? Well, I'm glad you asked that... here is how! The museum hosts a variety of demonstrations year around that include WWII and Revolutionary War reenactmnets, in addition to car or plane shows.

You can view their events here

Museum Hours and Admission

  • The Museum is open Wendesday - Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Note that hours can be subject to change based on private events. So always check before going

  • Admission is very affordable:

    • Adults$20.00

    • Children (12 and Under)$10.00

    • Seniors (62 plus)$18.00

    • Active Duty Military (With ID)/Veterans$18.00

    • Children 2 and UnderFREE

    • American Heritage Museum Members (click here to become one)FREE

    • World War II & Korean War VeteransFREE

For more information visit the American Heritage Museum website

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