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History Dame 


History Camp America is

November 5

A Virtual Event You Don't Want To Miss! 

Image by Laura Chouette

Hot Off The Keyboard

August 7 is known as Purple Heart Day and is also the first day of Guadalcanal.  I discuss the coincidence between the two events in my most recent blog post. 



My name is Larisa, better known as History Dame.  I began History Dame in 2018, first on Instagram, then joined Twitter in 2020.  

History Dame is a passionate hobby.  I have always loved history, but I was the child that learned...differently.  This inspired me to create historical content that could inspire others to start their own history nerd journey. 

Surprise! I don't have a history degree, instead, my Master's is in Public Administration.  History and Public Policy go hand-in-hand, but one pays better.

My sidekick is my daughter Little Dame. 


I am a Contributing Editor to The History List , and volunteer with History Camp. I have been volunteering for both since 2018. 

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