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History Dame On The Road

On The Road Again...

I love to travel and do so as often as I can.  In 2021 I decided to start filming my visits to historic sites, thus History Dame On The Road was born! You'll notice my video quality improves over time, so be patient with my earlier videos.  Have a suggestion on where I should go? Drop me a line! 

November 2023

Fort McHenry | MD

Fort McHenry is Fort McHenry! It is an absolute must-do and if you go on a clear sunny day, the view is breathtaking.  

October 2023

Battle for the Airfield| American Heritage Museum, MA

One of my favorite museums, and one I have done multiple videos at, the American Heritage Museum, does an annual Battle for the Airfield reenactment that is spectacular. 

May 2023

History Camp Valley Forge | PA

The first-ever History Camp Valley Forge! I took a day to tour Valley Forge and then parts of Philadelphia.  Was a great weekend. 

May 2023

Washington's Crossing | PA

I visited Washington's Crossing in May of 2023.  It's a great place to visit, but it's something you do as part of other things, like Valley Forge.  The museum and historic land are small.  They do incredible reenactments in December. 

Spring 2023

Civil War Museum | Winchester, VA

 I originally visited this museum in late 2022 but did not post the video until 2023.  The museum is neat, but the more interesting aspect is the building that it is in.  It resides in a former prison that held Union and Confederate POW, depending on who had control of Winchester at the time. There are artifacts remaining in the building that are amazing! 

Spring 2023

Railroad Museums | MD & PA

I visited the B&O Railroad (MD) and the Strasburg Railroad (PA) museum on two different trips but put them into one video.  Both are great places to visit! 

April 2023

Chancellorsville Battlefield | VA

The Battle of Chancellorsville occurred in the spring of 1863.  The battle was a surprise victory for the Confederacy and resulted in the death of Stonewall Jackson and the removal of Union General Hooker. 

January 2023

Fall River | MA

Lizzie Borden's House

While in Fall River, I also visited the Lizzie Borden House.  I opted for no commentary on my part for this video and encourage your to visit and hear the docents tell you the order of events! It is pretty fascinating. 

January 2023

Fall River | MA

Battleship Cove is located in Fall River, MA and home to a Battleship, a Destroyer, and a Sub.  You can tour all three with one ticket! Definitely worth a visit

November 11, 2022

Visited the National Army Museum to see the installation of my grandfather's brick

October 2022

Toured Valley Forge on a gorgeous fall day

September 3, 2022

In honor of the 160th anniversary of Antietam, I visited the battlefield with my father.  You will his voice throughout the video. 

August 2022

Had the opportunity to visit the Virginia Holocaust Museum when I was in Richmond and it blew me away! 

August 16, 2022

As part of History Camp, we got a special tour of the USS Constitution.  Huzzah! 

July 26, 2022

The American Heritage Museum did an anniversary for the Battl e of Bunker Hill and it was fabulous! 

July 11, 2022

Went back to my Alma Mater to visit their new permanent memorial of those enslaved by George Mason.  

May 29, 2022

Love military history? This museum is for you! One of my favorite museums is the American Heritage Museum, and I will let the video do the talking as to why. 

April 30, 2022

Revolutionary War Weekend is an annual spring event at Mount Vernon.  A weekend filled with demonstrations, vendors, and fun!  

April 24, 2022

I captured an overview of the Museum of the American Revolution on my visit.  A must-see museum when you are in Philadelphia.  You can read a brief comparison between this museum in Philly and the museum in Yorktown, VA here

April 2022

Liberty & Co. Store| Quakertown, PA

Perhaps you have seen Liberty & Co., online--but did you know they also have a store?  I had a chance to pop in on my weekend trip to PA.  Great little store, and highly recommend stopping in if you ever get the chance. 

April 24, 2022

Spent the day in Philadelphia, a city I have visited a few times, and finally did something i had yet to do! Tour Eastern State Penitentiary, a place I highly recommend  

April 23, 2022

I was invited to attend and video the "Authors of the American Revolution" hosted by Nathans Papers and Liberty & Co.  The event included seven speakers who write with in the era of the American Revolution. 

President's Day Weekend 2022 

I spent the weekend in New York City with Lee Wright, the Found of The History List and Co-Founder of History Camp.  We spent most of our visit in the Lower East Side of Manhattan--focusing on Indigenous, Dutch, British, and Founding Fathers history. 

To be clear--the weekend was freezing cold and my mouth was pretty much frozen.  Also, many of the stops were closed and I was not able to go inside. 

Ferry Farm

January 2022

I visited the boyhood home of George Washington.  Ferry Farm is a neat little place and sits right across the river from downtown Fredericksburg.  I highly recommend the visit if you're looking for things related to Washington or something new to do in Virginia. 

Ferry Farm

December 2021

Balls Bluff Battlefield | Leesburg, Virginia 

Balls Bluff Battlefield is a small and forgotten battle.  Nestled in the suburbs of Leesburg, it is easy to miss.  While some say call it more of a skirmish than a battle, the history behind it is fascinating. 

November 11, 2021

Arlington National Cemetry 

2021 marked the centennial of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.  Arlington National Cemetry allowed visitors to lay flowers at the tomb, an event I could not miss.  I was honored to lay flowers with my father who is a Marine veteran. 

October 2021

Fort Ticonderoga | New York  

I visited Fort Ticonderoga with Lee Wright, the Founder of The History List and Co-Founder of History Camp.  We had the opportunity to speak with the CEO and President, Beth Hill--as well as some of their living historians.  

To watch the full video, featuring Beth Hill and staff, please visit: 

October 2021

Bennington Museum and Monument | Bennington, VT

Bennington, VT., Home of the Bennington Flag.  Lee Wright and I took a quick stop at Bennington on our way to Fort Ticongeroga.  Sadly, I struck out on both the flag and going up the monument--but that just means I need to go again! 

September 2021

Tank Farm | Nokesville, Virginia

One of my favorite annual events is Tank Farm.  An open house showcasing a private collection of tanks, artillery, and much more.  This annual event is every September.  For military history lovers--I highly recommend it. 

To learn more visit: 

August 2021

Yorktown Battlefield| Yorktown, Virignia 

Yorktown Battlefield, I believe it speaks for itself! The site of Cornwallis's Surrender, this battlefield is gorgeous.  They have several great museums in the area, and you can get a ticket that covers Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Jamestown. 

Talk about a trifecta! 

August 2021

Manassas Battlefield | Manassas, Virginia

I visited the Manassas Battlefield to mark the 160th anniversary of the First Battle of Manassas/Bull Run.  One of the many incredible battlefields to visit in Virginia, and a must for Civil War nerds.

August 2021

Renaissance Festival| Maryland 

This video is more fun than history, but it has historical elements!  Every year I enjoy the Renaissance Festival in Maryland, which is one of the largest in the country.  Each year they focus on a new year and theme. Revel Grove is a permanent village, making it that much better.  A fun thing to do for those interested in the time period or looking for something different. 

To learn more visit:

July 2021

Harpers Ferry| West Virginia

My first History Dame on the Road video!  Harpers Ferry is best known for its Civil War history, but in this video, I focus more on the ties to George Washington.  Great little town to visit and perfect for those who like to hike. 

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