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History Camp Valley Forge 2023

Registration for History Camp Valley Forge has officially opened!

For those unfamiliar with History Camp, History Camp was founded in 2014 as a casual conference for adults from all walks of life—students, teachers, professors, authors, bloggers, reenactors, interpreters, museum and historical society directors, and board members, genealogists, and everyone else—regardless of profession or degree—who is interested in and wants to learn more about history. History Camp originated in Boston as a yearly conference; now, these annual events occur once a year in multiple locations.

History Camp is a non-profit and part of The Pursuit of History. In addition to History Camps, there are many virtual options, such as History Camp Discussions, which is every Thursday., and History Camp America.

I have been volunteering with History Camp since 2018, which has been a great and rewarding experience.


History Camp Valley Forge Details:

This is the first History Camp in Pennsylvania!

DATES: MAY 19 - MAY 21


The Pursuit of History: Forging the Continental Army—New event. All day. Curated and focused on one topic. Four authors plus an in-depth tour. Topics: The Winter that Won the War—Phillip S. Greenwalt, author, The Winter that Won the War: The Winter Encampment at Valley Forge, 1777–1778; The Leadership of General Washington—Mark Edward Lender, author, Cabal! The Plot Against General Washington; The Military Discipline instilled by Baron von Steuben—Rick Bell, author of a forthcoming book on von Steuben; and Women at the Valley Forge Encampment—Nancy K. Loane, author of Following the Drum: Women at the Valley Forge Encampment. And we will take an in-depth tour by coach and on foot, On the Ground at Valley Forge, with Ken Gavin. Ends after a private dinner at the General Warren Inn. Very limited number of spaces—40, but five were claimed before we even opened registration. Takes place in the library of the Washington Memorial Chapel.



Need a place to lay your head at night? Here is information on History Camp room blocks, or you can stay at any number of nearby locations.

If you plan on attending History Camp Valley Forge, please let me know, as I would love to meet you!


If you need more motivation to attend History Camp Valley Forge, catch my History Dame on the Road Valley Forge video below!

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