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History Dame's Year

Hard to imagine another year is ending, but here we are, saying goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023. Do you remember, as a kid, trying to imagine (insert year) and trying to imagine yourself at (insert age)? It never stops amazing me when I hit a new year or age that I once envisioned as the future and now am living.

I guess this is the part where I am supposed to either gush or dump about the year 2022, but the truth is—it was relatively average, and by average, I mean that it was just as good and as bad as the last two pandemic years. I began History Dame in 2018 and have changed tremendously on and off social media. History Dame has transformed in various ways and will continue to do so—this is both exciting and exhausting. Sometimes the transformation is due to my preference, and other times, it is out of necessity.

Here is a quick recap of my year in 2022:

(Naturally, I spent time anchoring all the videos below so you can go directly to them on the page, and none of the anchors are working as they should. You can see all the videos on my History Dame on the Road Page.)

  • In January, I visited Washington's boyhood home at Ferry Farm

  • I spent President's Day week in NYC and froze while creating videos of the Lower East Side

  • I met new friends and attended the Authors of the American Revolution event in April

  • I took a day trip to Philadelphia and visited Eastern State and the Museum of the American Revolution

  • I welcomed another year of Mount Vernon's Revolutionary War Weekend

  • I spent Memorial Day in MA and visited the American Heritage Museum

  • I went back to George Mason University, my alma mater, to see their new enslaved memorial

  • I went back to the American Heritage Museum in July for their Bunker Hill Reenactment

  • I attended History Camp Boston in August and took a behind scenes tour of the USS Constitution

  • Also, in August, I visited the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond

  • In September, I went to Antietam in honor of the 160th

  • I spent Columbus Day weekend at Valley Forge

  • And finally, I ended my year at the National Army Museum to see my grandfather's brick

Looking back, I had a great year traveling! But, I also was unsure of the direction of History Dame. Here is the thing, those who know me know how much I hate trends and often go against the grain because I'm stubborn that way. But, with changes in social media platforms, I have been trying to find a new style of History Dame that didn't feel "trendy" or "what everyone else is doing." I'm still figuring that out.

So what does 2023 look like for me? I have NO IDEA! I do know that I plan to travel, but probably not as much as in 2022 as my professional career is growing and requires more time than before. I plan to do more blog posts and continue to do my historical anniversary snippets.

Here are a few events I am hoping to attend this year:

And with that, 2022 is coming to a close. Thank you all for the continued support and a wonderful year. Per usual, I have no idea what I'm doing, but that is more than half the fun! So thanks for hanging on to the often goofy but always entertaining ride that is History Dame.

As a side note, 2023 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, which is my Chinese Zodiac, so who knows, maybe this will be History Dame's Year?

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D. Paul Angel
D. Paul Angel
Jan 02, 2023

Happy New Year Dame! I look forward to seeing where you go in 2023, and love that you're always learning and growing too :-)


Yup, growing up the year 2000 was science fiction, it will never happen. Thanks for all you do, keeping us informed & educated. Happy 2023!!

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